"Disability Deception: Lies Educators Tell and How Parents Can Beat Them at Their Own Game"
 by JoAnn Collins


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Special Education Spotlight Fall 2014

Shining the Spotlight on truths and Deceptions in special education                                                                      
Author of Disability Deception and Slaying Special Education Dragons (Ten Step Roadmap to Navigate the Maze, Overcome Roadblocks, and Slay Dragons, to Ensure your Child’s Appropriate Education!                                            

In this issue:  Testimonials on Slaying Special Education Dragons, fall newsletter special for SSED, CDC cover up of Autism/vaccine connection, information on service dogs at school, and question corner.

Enlightening!  By Leslie Friedman 

I am a mother who is going through the process of getting an IEP for my daughter and this book was very helpful guiding me on the overwhelming steps I needed to take to advocate for my daughter. It has a lot of helpful tips on what to do. This is a great resource to have on your side!

Here are two testimonial about Slaying Special Education Dragons:

Don’t trust the stairs leading to special education. They’re always up to something and down to nothing. JoAnn Collins’ new book won’t let you fall down because she knows the steps!

1.  I highly recommend this book to parents with special needs children! You are not alone with JoAnn Collins!!! 

I am always grateful for testimonials and it makes all of the hard work worth it!  Get your copy today at www.disabilitydeception.com or www.amazon.com

Special Education          Spotlight

    Winter 2015

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I love to receive questions about special education—it helps me understand the struggles that parents are having. If you would like to ask a question contact me with the information above!


Press Release rejected 3 times for “degrading” the US Department of Education and Using “inflammatory Language!”

Imagine my shock when my press release about lack of enforcement of IDEA and state special education laws was rejected 3 times by a popular press release company!  Anyone that knows me knows that I speak the truth about special education and do not use “inflammatory language!”  Maybe the problem is that most people do not want the truth, and go to a lot of trouble to discourage people from actually giving the truth.

After the third time I was so discouraged that I called a friend of mine who I have advocated for in the past. She reassured me that my press release was the truth and not “inflammatory!”  She made me feel a little better.

Here is the release (please E mail me and let me know what you think about the release):

JoAnn Collins recently released her second advocacy book: “Slaying Special Education Dragons,” on how parents can fight school districts and come out on top, to benefit their child’s education!

This book provides invaluable advocacy information to empower parents as they enforce special education laws (because the US Department of Education rarely does), and embark on the uphill battle for needed appropriate special education services for their child. A parent recently said:  “Parents just don't stand a chance without help, which this book richly provides!”

Slaying Special Education Dragons was written as a ten step roadmap to empower all special education parents, and teach them how to fight back against the school’s misrepresentations and deceptions. The book also includes references on where parents can get help; and specific cites of IDEA 2004 (for parents to use in their advocacy).

Parents and advocates often use independent educational evaluations (IEEs) to enforce IDEA 2004 (federal special education law) and state law, and prove that their child needs specific special education services so that they can receive a free appropriate public education (FAPE). Slaying Special Education Dragons contains two chapters on IEEs, with information not found in any other books or resources.

With an appropriate and comprehensive IEE, parents can use IDEA 2004’s dispute resolution processes as they advocate for FAPE for their child. Parents can win the uphill battle of FAPE for their child---with Slaying Special Education Dragons. It’s like having an advocate at your fingertips!                                     

JoAnn Collins has been a successful special education advocate helping parents for over 25 years. She is the mother of three—two who have disabilities, and the author of two books: Disability Deception and Slaying Special Education Dragons! JoAnn knows the steps to enforce IDEA 2004 and won’t miss any steps in helping parents!

The press release is part of my marketing plan to market my new book Slaying Special Education Dragons!

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