"Disability Deception: Lies Educators Tell and How Parents Can Beat Them at Their Own Game"
 by JoAnn Collins

Finally---the government may be ready to agree that there is an Autism/vaccine connection!

I think I may have been living under a rock because I totally missed the buzz over the last several months about the CDC covering up the Autism/vaccine connection all the way back to 2004!  Okay my excuse was is that I was working on my book J

This article caught my attention: Autism caused by MMR vaccine: CDC cover-up exposed by CDC whistleblower

http://www.examiner.com/article/autism-caused-by-mmr-vaccine-cdc-cover-up-exposed-by-cdc-whistleblower.  Below is from this article:

 “****Dr. Thompson is referring to the CDC’s vaccine-autism fraud which has been a decade-long cover up and has put millions of infants at risk.*****

Infants, especially
African-American boys, were willfully exposed to a high risk of autism from the MMR vaccine – if the vaccine was administered too early.***

****The truth is that there is a connection between the age at which an infant receives the MMR vaccination and whether or not a child is more prone to develop autism. **********

JoAnn---I never believed for one minute that there was not an Autism/vaccine connection! In fact several years ago, I wrote an article entitled “Why the US Government Refuses to Acknowledge an Autism/vaccine link!”

So many children injured, including African American boys!

Wonder how many law suits are filed because of this CDC cover up?



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Enlightening!  By Leslie Friedman on May 4, 2014

I am a mother who is going through the process of getting an IEP for my daughter and this book was very helpful guiding me on the overwhelming steps I needed to take to advocate for my daughter. It has a lot of helpful tips on what to do. This is a great resource to have on your side!

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Question corner:   My son is in high school and I wondered if you know anything about Post-Secondary Dual Enrollment (PSDE). It is a well-kept secret here in Arkansas.  I do know there are students enrolled in this program in my school district. The special educator in charge of the information won't tell me about the program because she has found out that I have a child in special education. I have been trying to get more details on this for the last 2 plus years.  PSDE is for special needs students still under the umbrella of public school services from the age 18-21 to attend a college or vocational technology school for audit only to be in an age appropriate environment.   Do you have any info on this subject and how do I find out more and if this would be appropriate for my son?

JoAnn---no I am not familiar with this program but it sounds like a transition program for high school students that prepare them for work (which is required by IDEA 2004).

Why don't you try calling your State Department of Education and ask for the special education department. Use this procedure: Tell them that you are a parent (nothing else---do not tell them what school district your child is in) and that you have a question.  Ask the question as clearly as you can, for example: “Where can I find written information about the PSDE program (to include eligibility and services)”? Stick with the question, do not be distracted!  Make sure that the person tells you where you can find written information---as verbal information is usually wrong (at least in my experience). You may have to ask your question two or three times---just remain calm and focus on the question. When the person tells you where you can find the needed written information (if on their Web site make sure you ask specifically what page it is on), then say thank you and hang up!

Since I have used this strategy with my State Department of Education I have actually received truthful answers---why? Because I am not asking the person's opinion, I am asking what the law states and where I can find the information in writing. So since the person knows that I will be following up and looking for the written information, they tend to be more truthful.

Make sure that you do not get into what district your child is in because it is my experience that the employees will start defending the school people.  If they ask you why you want to know, you could tell them that you heard about this program and that you think this would be appropriate for your son---nothing else.

Also, look and see if your State Department of Education has a transition agency (Illinois which is where I live, does). I find these people extremely helpful---but remember they work for the State Department of Education, so keep the info on your child to a minimum (they may also start defending the school). Please let me know what your experience is and if I can help you further :)  JoAnn

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