"Disability Deception: Lies Educators Tell and How Parents Can Beat Them at Their Own Game"
 by JoAnn Collins


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Shining the Spotlight on truths and Deceptions in special education                                                                      
Author of Disability Deception and Slaying Special Education Dragons (Ten Step Roadmap to Navigate the Maze, Overcome Roadblocks, and Slay Dragons, to Ensure your Child’s Appropriate Education!     

Question about Slaying Special Education Dragons from a parent:

Hi JoAnn:  My daughter is in 8th grade and was diagnosed as dyslexic by our school district psychologist last April. We are trying to get her placed in an out of district private special education school.  Do either of your books cover getting school district to pay for out of district private school payment?

Answer:  Yes my second book Slaying Special Education Dragons has several pages on the subject to include case law on the subject. There are a couple of ways that parents are obtaining private school for their child:

1. The parents pay for the school, gather evidence of appropriateness of private placement, and that their child is making educational progress, and file for due process at a later date.

2. Ask a hearing officer (which requires due process also) to provide private school as a prospective placement (going forward).

If you believe your child requires private school to receive a free appropriate public education you will need an expert on your side to convince the hearing officer of this. This is usually done by taking the child for an independent educational evaluation (IEE) with an evaluator who is non-biased, does a comprehensive evaluation with a comprehensive report which includes appropriate recommendations (hopefully that the child needs a private placement).

IEE's can be tricky but I have two chapters in SSED one on IEE's and one on IEE's at public expense (when the school pays for the evaluation). I even have questions that parents can ask potential evaluators, before they decide to use the evaluator. I also have a list of red flags to show parents when they need to replace an evaluator with a more child friendly one. Also, it is critical that any evaluator have more credentials than your school psychologist. Most school psychologists have Masters Degrees, so I recommend Clinical Psychologists or Neuropsychologists that understand special education. Some health insurance policies will pay for all or some of these evaluations (be sure you check your coverage before the evaluation).

Hope this helps---please feel free to E-mail again if I can help you further. JoAnn Collins

If you have a question you would like answered about special education feel free to contact me by E-mail at: JoAnn@disabilitydeception.com! Look forward to receiving your questions!


Wonderful Resource for Section 504!

Guidelines for educators and administrators for Implementing Section 504 of 1973 Subpart D   2010


 JoAnn---- Many schools continue to wrongly state that 504 only allows for accommodations not services---which is not true and covered in this document (Page 82—question 4).

I was also pleased to see that behavioral issues are addressed in the document as well as information on Manifestation Determination Meetings. Other areas covered are child find---great! 

Special Education          Spotlight

    Winter 2015

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Here are two testimonials about Slaying Special Education Dragons:

1.  Don’t trust the stairs leading to special education. They’re always up to something and down to nothing. JoAnn Collins’ new book won’t let you fall down because she knows the steps!

2.  I highly recommend this book to parents with special needs children! You are not alone with JoAnn Collins!!! 

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Slaying Special Education Dragons is written in question format, easy to understand and has a ten step roadmap (that can be used at any time in your child’s education when a dispute occurs).


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Special Education Parent Book Gives Roadmap to Empower Parents in Their Battle for Special Education Services

 04/23/2015 -- JoAnn Collins is the author and publisher of the recently released book: Slaying Special Education Dragons; Ten Step Roadmap to Navigate the Maze, Overcome Roadblocks, and Slay Dragons to Ensure Your Child's Appropriate Education. This book is providing critical advocacy information to empower parents as they embark on the uphill battle for needed appropriate special education services for their child.

According to federal special education law (the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act of 2004---IDEA 2004), children have the right to a free appropriate public education (FAPE), which is considered an "entitlement," to which few children actually receive.

As an advocate for over 25 years, I have seen school districts bring attorneys to IEP meetings, file for due process hearings to stop independent educational evaluations at public expense (which are guaranteed under IDEA 2004 if parents disagree with the school's evaluation), and refuse to provide needed special education services. Some schools even spend thousands of dollars to fight parents for a small amount of services.

These actions by schools require parents to hire advocates or attorneys, pay for independent evaluations and also pay for private services that their child needs due to the school's denial. If parents have to spend money, then their child's special education is not free as required by IDEA 2004.

The roadmap in Slaying Special Education Dragons, which has been developed over 25 years of my advocacy includes: common special education roadblocks, federal special education law, disability law, information on navigating the IEP maze, two chapters on IEEs, school options, private school at public expense as well as truthful information about dispute resolution processes.

A testimonial by a parent: "Slaying Special Education Dragons provides families with much-needed practical advice and real-life strategies so that they too can win the battle for their special needs child's education!"

Parents can win the uphill battle of FAPE for their child---with Slaying Special Education Dragons. It's like having an advocate at their fingertips!

JoAnn Collins Publishing  Posted Thursday, April 23, 2015                                                    


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