"Disability Deception: Lies Educators Tell and How Parents Can Beat Them at Their Own Game"
 by JoAnn Collins


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Great News:  Slaying Special Education Dragons is now ready to be purchased on my Website (www.disabilitydeception.com)! On the top of the home page you will see a page that says “purchase books.” Click that and you will be able to purchase Disability Deception or Slaying Special Education Dragons or both (without having to go to Amazon). It is a secure site for credit cards (SSL license)!

I am so excited that the book is finally ready for parents to purchase because I have been working hard on it! It is written in question format and contains a ten step roadmap, to help you navigate the special education maze, as you work towards an appropriate education for your child!

                                        ***********            New domain associated with my Website and my books:

When parents who are looking for special education advocacy advice and use a search engine to find help, they can now use: special education advocacy 101 to find my information (www.specialeducationadvocacy101.com).  

After consulting with a few people I decided I needed to make it easier for parents to find my information thus the new domain. You can still go to www.disabilitydeception.com and find my information!   


If you have a burning question about special education that you would like to ask me---feel free to send me an E-mail (at JoAnn@disabilitydeception.com).  I will take out any identifying information so that the child’s privacy is upheld!



Slaying Special Education Dragon covers (front and back) finished and ready for your perusal!

I have worked so hard on this book and can’t believe it is almost ready to come out. A wonderful grandmother designed the covers for me, and she did a fantastic job!

To see the front and back covers of Slaying Special Education Dragons go to my Web site at: www.disabilitydeception.com and click Slaying Special Education Dragons, this will take you to the covers. I would love to hear your comments on the covers at JoAnn@disabilitydeception.com
Here are a few testimonials on “Slaying Special Education ragons”:

1.  “I LOVE the question format - so natural and draw’s the reader in! Makes it feel like a free consult for the reader! “

2.   “This book will simultaneously capture your attention and empower you to fight for your child.  Written by an experienced "in the trenches" special education advocate!”

3.  “You will learn to overcome these dragons with armor: assertive and persistent advocacy, knowledge and use of federal and state laws, and use of dispute resolution processes! Developing dragon slaying skills and learning to conquer and overcome the weaknesses of your special education dragons will empower you on your advocacy journey!”

4.   The first step to educating our children is to educate ourselves about their rights and our responsibilities.  JoAnn helps pave the way for parents to become their children's best advocate, by breaking down complex topics into bite size pieces and creating an accessible roadmap to navigate the challenging special ed system.  Many thanks for her efforts!     

5.   “Love the book, cannot put it down; lots of good resources and case law!”      



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